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Well, sometimes you say you'll do things...

It's now Monday morning, and I haven't done much more than I did yesterday.  I know I said I would, but I just haven't felt up to it. In fact if it wasn't for a small bout of insomnia and neck pain, I wouldn't be writing this entry right now.

Unfortunately, the asthma and the sinus infection (that I've taken two different anti-biotics and a bunch of other meds for) haven't really let up. My dad says it's the weather, but I haven't been outside that much.  My allergies and sinus have also never made me this ill before.  It really just sucks. 

I am still working on my fics.   I should probably post one soon just to gauge the reaction. I'm not the best when it comes to judging my own work.  I usully prefer an outside party to look at it.

I have posted a few drabbles. Later on today, I'll probably link them here so I can put them in the memories section.  Fun fun.
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