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Update on reviews

Since I made my resolution, I've already reviewed three stories I've enjoyed reading. It's certainly a start. I figure I'll start out with three reviews a day and work my way up.

Today...well, yesterday, I was late to a club I go to every week.  I tried calling the person leading the group today, but She had her phone off. I was mad at her for a bit...kept thinking  "Why would she turn her phone off before the meeting starts... didn't she think someone might have to call"...but later after I calmed down (and thankful I kept my thoughts to myself), I realized I was just trying to misplace my anger. They were okay with my lateness, but I still have to learn how to cope with a mistake I've made without getting emotional about it.  Really... I think I'd be tremendously less stressed.

Anyway, that's all for now.
Tags: "reviews, authors", fics, stories
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